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Posted: Saturday, June 25, 2016

Adriana Lima Follows Low-Carb Paleo Diet to Look Amazing

Credit: Splash News/Calzedonia

Adriana Lima may have recently turned 35, but this mother of two small children is still showing off her bikini body, thanks to a low-carb paleo diet and workout routine. The Victoria’s Secret model is showing off a toned, fit body that looks better than ever.

What is the secret to Lima’s success? Diet and exercise, she says. Lima follows a strict weight loss diet and workout routine which keeps her lean and in shape. She knows she has to take diet and exercise seriously, as they are part of her job as a supermodel.

She follows a paleo diet, which is low in carbohydrates, sugar, and processed foods. Paleo diets include natural foods that were purportedly eaten by early humans, avoiding foods such as grains (e.g., bread, rice), dairy, and desserts. Instead, Lima eats a lot of grilled meats (including chicken) and low-sugar fruits. Paleo diets, which typically contain lots of protein, healthy fat, and vegetables, are known to be effective for weight loss, and they don’t cause the blood sugar spikes that are common with high-carb foods and which can contribute to obesity and diabetes.

Adriana Lima likes to start off her day with a healthy, low-carb, low-sugar smoothie. She blends half an avocado with one cup of water, and adds some honey for some sweetness. She says that this morning smoothie is a great way to give herself a boost of energy in the morning.

Hydration is also important for Lima’s weight loss, as she says it helps her cut down on snacking. Lima drinks water throughout the day, and she also enjoys coconut water, which contains electrolytes and minerals that help hydrate the body even more.

Combined with rigorous boxing and cardio workouts, Adriana Lima stays in great shape. If you want to lose weight, consider following her lead and giving a low-carb paleo diet a try!

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