Brazilian models: 10 of the most beautiful faces in the world –

Posted: Friday, August 05, 2016

, Adriana
and Francisco Lachowski: there’s something in the water
that makes Brazilian models some of the most successful and
genetically-gifted in fashion.

Perhaps it’s the sunshine and lifestyle, or maybe it’s related
to the country’s diverse ethnic gene pool. The fusion of Latin,
Asian, African and European communities that live in Brazil
have created a mindblowingly beautiful populace.

Victoria’s Secret have Brazil to thank for their famous models,
both past and present, including Gisele, Alessandra
and Adriana Lima. But let’s not forget the boys – the
dreamy good looks of Francisco Lachowski and Marlon Teixeira
have put them at the top of casting director wish lists.

As the Rio Olympics take
off, see our pick of the 10 most gorgeous Brazilian supermodels


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