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Posted: Thursday, May 26, 2016
Gisele Bündchen is going wild for a good cause.

The model is asking fans to support the United Nations’ Wild for Life campaign.

“Recently, I was made aware of the numerous challenges facing so many of our most beloved species because of the illegal trade in wildlife,” Bündchen began in a blog post for Huffington Post.

“This shameful trade is pushing species to the edge of extinction. One story that touched my heart is the plight of the Pangolin, a little known creature that is the most illegally trafficked mammal in the world. As a result of greed they may sadly be gone before most of us have ever even learned their name or seen one. This is the unfortunate reality that makes it hard to be hopeful for their future.”

“Let’s all join together to be part of shepherding the change and help stop unnecessary extinctions of our wildlife for greed. My goal is to share my knowledge and inspire you to help me take action by creating awareness and ultimately bringing an end to this global wildlife crisis,” the former runway model said in her post about the campaign, which began on Wednesday. As to way she cares so much, Bündchen, 35, feels very strongly that animals and nature shaped her into the woman she is today.

Much of the world’s wildlife is facing extinction. To overcome this, we need a radical change in people´s attitude all over the world. Today I’m joining the fight to save these endangered species everywhere. Please join me, find your kindred species on and help me to end the criminal trade of poaching that is pushing species to the brink of extinction. #WildforLife Grande parte da vida selvagem está em perigo de extinção. Para transformar isso, precisamos de uma mudança radical na atitude das pessoas em todo o mundo. Hoje, eu estou me juntando a luta para salvar as espécies ameaçadas de extinção. Acesse o site, responda o quiz, se transforme no animal que quer defender e ajude a espalhar esta mensagem para acabar com o comércio criminoso dos animais selvagens pelas redes.

A photo posted by Gisele Bündchen (@gisele) on May 25, 2016 at 6:29am PDT

“Animals are part of all our worlds and most people who care deeply about animals, the environment, and the planet have had a transformative moment in nature during childhood,” she wrote. “My own experiences of connecting with nature and animals have shaped the person I am today. Nature never ceases to inspire me, and it is where I escape to recharge. It has both intrinsic power and the ability to move us beyond selfish pursuits to see the interconnection and interdependence in life. Nature is our teacher.”

“When we carelessly harm the planet and all of the precious species of plants and animals, we damage ourselves,” she added. “We are all part of nature and all life is connected. If you hurt one species, you hurt them all and we humans are not exempt. We have the ability to explain this interconnectedness with science, but we also simply feel it in our souls.”

“It saddens me that in the 21st century, with all our knowledge and power, we are hearing more and more stories of possible extinctions due to people’s choice. We are responsible for our choices and the only ones capable of changing our future. Poaching is escalating throughout the world,” Bündchen wrote. “It is a senseless activity fueled by greed. The illegal trade supports the poachers’ activities. As a result of these crimes, not only are the animals in peril, but indigenous people also suffer from the imbalance created in the environment.”

She is now calling for everyone to take part in the UN Global Coalition’s ongoing campaign to end illegal wildlife trade.

“This is ongoing work that requires us to be persistent and vigilant. We create our own reality through the choices we make, and we are the only ones capable of changing the reality we live in. Let’s put wildlife in our hearts and its future in our hands,” she wrote. “Together we can make a difference.”


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