Newly Discovered Video Shows an Early Glimpse at Gisele Bundchen as a Teenager – Inside Edition

Posted: Saturday, June 25, 2016

Video of Gisele Bundchen when she was a 15-year-old debutante has been unearthed.

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The video was shot during her 1995 coming out party in her native Brazil. It has recently surfaced on, showing her with her twin sister, Patricia, as well as her younger sister, Gabriela. 

The Debutante Ball introduces rich young ladies to high society and is a major event in their culture. Their father escorted his daughters into the ball.

The 21-year-old video proves that Gisele had the attention-grabbing looks that would one day make her a world famous supermodel. She also appears to have defied the aging process.. 

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In addition, some have said Gisele’s date for the evening, Rodrigo Carlson, resembles her future husband, NFL quarterback Tom Brady.

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