Tom Brady says Gisele Bundchen was the best part of the Olympics –

Posted: Tuesday, August 16, 2016

One of the lasting images of the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro will be Gisele Bundchen crossing the Olympic Stadium during the Opening Ceremony as The Girl From Ipanema. According to her husband, Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, it was the best part of the Games. 

“Well it was amazing to see here out there and do that. It was the best part of the Olympics, for me. It got over on opening night so there hasn’t been much reason for me to watch outside of seeing her represent her country.”

Bundchen said after the ceremony that she was simply trying not to burst into tears as she walked across the Olympic Stadium.

Via IBTimes:

“Believe me, I was very emotional – I was really breathing very deeply not to cry. Imagine if I walked on the runway crying! My country, I feel, it’s about happiness and joy. The Brazilian people are so welcoming and loving, and I can’t walk crying – what kind of representation is that?! So I just tried to relax as much as I could.”

OLIVIER MORIN / Getty Images


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