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Posted: Thursday, August 11, 2016
When you spend a significant chunk of your life in the horology business, it’s safe to say that you become a watch enthusiast. As Milvin George, MD, Officine Panerai ( Middle East , India & Turkey), says, “If you are in the industry, watches grow on you. You end up admiring and collecting different types of timepieces.” During a visit to Mumbai, George held forth on his time in the sector, some useful tips he has picked up and his definition of luxury:

How many watches do you have?
I have worked with Tag Heuer and Omega before moving to Panerai. I’ve been with Panerai for eight years so obviously most of my watches are Panerai (five to six). I have other watches from the group including a Cartier, a Vacheron and so on. Before I started working with them, I used to go to the retail window and just admire the (Panerai) watch and try to understand it. I never thought I would wear this watch on my wrist.

What type of watch should every man own?
It depends on the character and lifestyle of that person. If you’re outdoorsy, you need a watch to cater to those needs. If you know a lot about watch movements, the making of the product will matter.

How do you store your watch collection?
I keep my watches in a safe. I think that everyone should keep their luxury products safely. If you’re able to make a watch closet, that would be great. Sadly, I do not have space in my home for that.

What is your ideal watch?
Every watch is ideal for an occasion. When you see it. you know what kind of a suit, shoes or belt you’re going to wear with it. If it’s a leather strap I make sure it matches what I am wearing. If the strap is steel, it goes with anything.

What would you call one of the most luxurious moments of your life?
I recently visited Hyderabad and stayed at the Taj Falaknuma Palace. We went to the dining room with 101 chairs and my colleague stood at the far end of the room — we couldn’t even hear each other talk. There is an Oriental and Turkish touch which I loved. I would recommend it to everyone. It is such a romantic place.


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