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The Expandable Automatic Watch Winder w/Digital LCD Dispaly (Black)



This Accuratic watch winder will rotate your automatic watch to set direction and set Turns Per Day (TPD) to keep it wound. It has five different TPD settings: 650, 900, 1200, 1500 and 1800.
It rotates clockwise counter-clockwise, or alternates in between. The winder will repeat its cycle every hour.
You can attach unlimited number of units together with patented corner connectors sold separately, and they can share power from one AC adapter. (see photos).
Easy to use and set functions with bright digital LCD display:
•TPD: Indicates to number of Turns Per Day.
•MODE: Indicates to rotation direction.
•On and Off button.
Electric power (AC Adapter included), or two C size batteries (not included).
•Loaded with Japanese Mabuchi motor.
1. Pull watch holder out of turntable drum.
2. Wrap your watch around it and place it back.
3. Plug the AC adapter to the wall outlet and the other end to the back of the watch winder.
4. Press TPD button to select desired Turns Per Day 650, 900, 1200, 1500 or 1800 TPD.
5. Press MODE button to select desired rotation direction Clockwise, Counter-Clockwise, or Alternate.
6. Press ON button to turn the watch winder On or Off.
When you want to operate the unit with batteries turn the switch to BAT on the back of the unit, it is recommended that you take the batteries out when unit is used with AC power adapter.
This unit has an hourly cycle; it will rotate certain minutes of the hour and rest remaining minutes of the hour.
If you set it at 650 TPD it will rotate about 3.5 minutes and rest 56.5 minutes, it will restart next hour again by itself, and rotate another 3.5 minutes and rest for 56.5 minutes and so on.
900 TPD rotates about 5 minutes and rest 55 minutes per hour.
1200 TPD rotates about 6.5 minutes and rest 53.5 minutes per hour.
1500 TPD rotates about 9 minutes and rest 51 minutes per hour.
1800 TPD rotates about 10.5 minutes and rest 49.5 minutes per hour.


  • 5 different TPD settings: 650, 900, 1200, 1500, 1800.
  • Rotates clockwise counter-clockwise, or alternates in between
  • One turntables can be set to different settings.
  • With bright digital LCD display and touch control board
  • Expandable watch winder system

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